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The research line Mobility Management developes projects that aims to analyse and planning the urban and inter-urban mobility and its sustainability through sustainable mobility plans, promoting trips by foot and bicycle, the sustainabylity assessment in metropolitan and interurban transport infrastructures and systems, contributing also to the public transport network design and the strategic transport planning trhough integral dynamics models of transport and land uses. This line also developes passengers mobility survey's for transport infrastructure forecasting and management.


Main researcher

Prof. Andrés Monzón


Other researchers


Rocío Cascajo, PhD. Floridea Di Ciommo, PhD.
Elena López, PhD. Cristina Valdés, PhD.
Julio Comendador
Alvaro García
Sara Hernández
Begoña Muñoz
Gianni Rondinella Natalia Sobrino
Yang Wang  

Diseño y evaluación de políticas públicas y comportamiento individual en épocas de austeridad. Análisis de casos en energía, medioambiente y sanidad [ECO2012-39553-C04-01].
Periodo: 2012 - 2015
Organismo: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad
Investigadores: José María Labeaga (UNED)(IP), Fernando Barreiro.
Estado: Concluido

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